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WSL 2009 - FISL

Abstract. To manage a large computers network the ability to monitor of anomalies and carry out tasks of maintenance is essential. This paper proposes an Instant Diagnose System, which allows the monitoring of large computational grid through a web interface and automatically execute corrective actions with a flexibly and customized way. The proposed tool has been implemented with significant results in Paran ́ Digital project network, which has more than 2100 servers.

Download: paper (portuguese)

Pedro David Netto Silveira's monograph - Federal University of Espirito Santo

Resumo. The continuous growth of computer networks, and strong expansion of Internet, require tools that perform management and monitoring general computer systems with the intention to stabilize a emergency situation. The advancement of technology in pursuit of these tools encourages the development of various ways to monitor networks. One project that was born at the Federal University of Parana, called the Instant Diagnose System, noting this fact, sought to present a contemporary approach, which emphasizes and appreciates the freedom that a system can provide. This monograph includes deploying SDI in the context a computer lab, promoting a study that aims to present extensions that adapt the system to the needs of the laboratory and might also somehow contribute to the SDI project.

Download: monografia (portuguese)