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Latest SDI stable release is v1.5.0:
v1.5.0 (md5) 2010-01-27 Changelog

SDI - Instant Diagnose System

What's SDI?

SDI is a simple and scalable system to Diagnose Instantly huge (and small) networks. It provides a way to run diagnose scripts at hosts or any other kind of script [such as a DEE], also creates a webpage containing all informations summarized.

SDI is an Open Source project covered by the GNU General Public License v2. It was originally written by Bruno Ribas and is currently maintained by Bruno Ribas, Diego Pasqualin and Vinicius Ruoso.

How SDI works?

Using SSH comunication tunnel, SDI will drag information on the HOSTS and drop it directly to generated web pages.

Getting the code

To download SDI code, you must have git command available. Then type:

git-clone sdi/

Documentation - Help

To see documentation and how to install and run SDI, you can access our wiki or refer to README files inside the SDI package.

Download SDI

Refer to the git dev yet =)

Mailing list

The user discussion and development of SDI and most tools related to SDI takes place on the SDI mailing list - everyone is welcome to post bug reports, feature requests, comments and patches to To subscribe to the list, go to this page and subscribe. The mailing list archives are available at this page.

You can also visit the IRC channel - meet us at #c3sl on FreeNode.

Who is using it?


As exposed above, SDI is tracked by Git. you can see development history at